IAF Abhinandan will come back to Country Via Wagah Border

IAF abhinandan

Wing Commander of Pakistan Air Force, congratulated by the Wagah Border, is returning to Ambadhan Watan, Air Force Wing from Pakistan two o’clock in the afternoon. The whole country is sitting in their welcome lamps. It is being told that a team of Air Force officers will get borders to get Wing Commander.
At the same time the parents of congratulations will be present on this occasion. To take the son, parents from Chennai arrived here today to Delhi airport. Here people greeted them by clapping. They arrived in Chennai from Delhi late in the morning and then shifted the flight from Delhi to Amritsar.

Due to the withdrawal of Wing Commander, strict security arrangements have been made on the Wagah border. People have reached a large number to welcome this brave soldier. People are ready to welcome the tricolor and drum nagad in their hands. The whole country is congratulating Wing Commander for his bravery.

Captain Amrinder Singh wishes to welcome Abhinandan

CM Capt Amarinder Singh has expressed the desire that he be given the chance to welcome Wing Commander congratulatory returning from Pakistan. Captain has tweeted about this and appealed to PM Narendra Modi. CM tweeted while addressing PM Modi that he is currently visiting the marginal areas of Punjab. Now he is in Amritsar.

They have come to know that the Pakistan Government has decided to send Wing Commander Abhinandan Current to India via Wagah Border. Receiving congratulations on the Wagah border will be an honor for them. Earlier, Captain also welcomed the announcement by Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan to send congratulations to India.

He said that he welcomes Imran Khan’s announcement to release the Indian Air Force pilot as a goodwill. This will help reduce the tension on the border. The CM had said that the cowardly attack carried out by the Pak-based militants in Pulwama forced the Indian government to retaliate.

He hoped that peace would soon return to the border. Earlier, the CM had appealed to the Indian government to try to get a positive return to the congratulations. It is noteworthy that after the MiG aircraft crashed in Pak border, the Pak army arrested the congratulations.

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