David Warner’s wife disclosed – abortion during the ball-tampering controversy

Former Australian vice-captain David Warner had to see the worst phase of life in the past few months. After a one year ban with the Ball Tapering Scandal, the family also had to face trouble. On Thursday, Warner’s wife revealed how much trouble she had on her family during the ball-tampering dispute.

Warner’s wife gave pain
Candice Warner said that during the manipulation of Ball, when his family was worried about David Warner, during that time he had a miscarriage due to heavy tension. A day after this, Warner wrote a long and emotional message, posting on the photo instagram, smiling the whole family. He said that the last few months were difficult for the whole family, but nothing can stop us from getting what we are. Kendis had said in an interview to ‘Women’s Weekly’ that when we came to know what happened to us, we both cried together with each other. That was the tragic conclusion of that fearsome cricket tour.

After this, Warner wrote, “When you are living a dream, its ups and downs are also to be born. I am extremely lucky and the love of the three lovely girls in my life is the biggest thing for me. Candice is my greatest strength. In the past, he played the role of a mother, wife and friend firmly, which I am very thankful to. He is not only a wife but also a part of my soul.

Let us talk that the life of the Warner couple has now returned to the track. Warner said last days that now my priority is to work with family. For example, teaching children to swimming and taking them to gymnastics classes. I used to miss those things when the children came running on the gates and mummy and papa lied to us while speaking.

When you’re living the dream you must enjoy every moment of it regardless of the highs and lows. We as a family have been through one of the toughest times ever the last few months but nothing will ever stop us from being just us. I have three of the best girls in the world that I cherish and love every single waking day. I am truly blessed with this!! My wife my rock has endured pain, disappointment, regrets in her past and so many highs and lows but the courage Candice has shown in recent months is a testament to the qualities she has as a mother, person, friend and wife. Im grateful everyday I get to call her my wife and my soul mate, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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