Google announces March 9 deadline for applications using SMS, SMS access, access to calls

This step comes as a safeguard to prevent users from joining suspicious permissions, which can access access permissions.


The company has declared the deadline for developers on March 9, whose app has already been included in these permissions or has announced to confirm its app that these permissions are required for core functionality, Submit a request application for more time allocation to bring your app into compliance, or remove immediate permission from their application.

Apps that fail to meet policy requirements or submit the declaration can be removed from Google Play, “the company wrote late on Monday in the post.

In cases where Google is granting access to these permissions, there is an app included in the default handler for calls, SMS, Google Assistant queries, in other use cases to request a temporary extension and work to find alternate routes. are supposed to.

This means that ultimately the use of SMS and calling for the use of many apps will no longer be valid for anything, but the default call, SMS and Assistant app, except for the question that other apps for those core functions Use permissions, how they work, told in Android headlines.

This step comes in the form of a security solution to prevent users from joining in suspicious apps that can access premium SMS and calls, fake two-factor authentication or access permissions to send protected secure accounts.

The company has already received “tens of thousands” of announcements from developers, who are hoping to allow permissions to be used, and if Google scans for those applications which are available in the Playstore to the deadline of 9 March Non-compliant apps will not be.

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