Drunk passenger demands to take Russian aircraft to Afghanistan, forcing emergency landing in Siberia

The National Anti-Terrorism Committee said that an unnamed person in the flight from Siberitian to Moscow, ordered the crew to turn the aircraft towards Afghanistan. The aircraft landed in the city about 230 kilometers (143 miles) west of Khanty-Mansişsk.

In the Russian domestic flight, an alcoholic traveler demanded an aircraft transit course, which could fly for Afghanistan on Tuesday for forced emergency landing in Siberia.

Aeroflot plane landed in the nearby city of Khanty-Mansiş, instead of going to Moscow from the Sergute of Western Siberia. Russia’s Investigation Committee said that the person who was not identified was “in the condition of anabriation”.

He was detained after landing of the aircraft in Khanti-Mansysike, about 2,600 kilometers (1,600 miles) from Moscow.

Investigators said in a statement, “Threatening that he has a weapon, he tried to enter the cockpit during the flight and sought to change the path of the aircraft.”

The statement said, “The commander of the aircraft decided to forcibly go to Khanti-MansiSec.”

The Russian State Media published a video clearly marked by a passenger, which showed that many weapons inside the aircraft were detained by masked men.

The pilot is heard thanking the passengers – who appeared calm – for the sounds of applause “to understand the situation”. Investigators said that the person was a resident of the accused who was previously convicted of harming the person.

Russian news agency Interfax quoted earlier aviation sources that the person had demanded to take the passenger plane to Afghanistan.

Russian media said that officials had cut access to the Khanty-Mansysk airport. Aeroflot said that “no traveler or crew was hurt” and sent a plane to take stranded passengers to Moscow.

“The incident did not affect the company’s work. All flights are on schedule.

However, the Chief Carrier of Russia said that “the security and technical services of the airline are in a state of extreme alertness”. The company said, “We ask passengers to treat the increased control while climbing the aircraft with a sense of humor.”

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