Chris Brown: American singer Paris rescued in rape check

French police say that American singer Chris Brown has been released in Paris without any allegation after questioning in connection with rape suspicion.

The investigation of the alleged incident is ongoing, said the Paris Prosecutor’s Office.

Star and two others were arrested on Monday, a 24-year-old woman had alleged that she had been assaulted at a hotel in the city earlier this month.

After his release, Brown stepped on social media to deny any wrongdoing.

“I want to make it completely clear, it is wrong,” he wrote on Instagram, with a picture saying: “This bitch song”.

He said in all the capitals: “I want to make it completely clear … it is wrong” before it was “against my character and ethics”.

Brown’s lawyer, Rafael Chikke, said R & B singer “Energetic” accepted his innocence and intended to sue for defamation.

Two people arrested with Brown, the French media had a bodyguard and a friend

This is not the singer’s first encounter with law – he has many pre-high-profile criminals for violence.

In 2009, he got five years of probation and a community service order to beat his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in his car.

In 2016, he was arrested in suspicion of attacking a deadly weapon, a woman told the police that he threatened him with a gun.

He was released later, and his lawyer said that the charges against Brown were “monstrous liar”.

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