Chinese company Huawei accused of stealing, filed 23 cases


America has made big allegations against Huawei, China’s legendary telecom company. The United States has alleged that Huawei has stolen the technology of American company T-Mobile. Apart from this, allegations like banking disturbances, obstruction of justice have been imposed on behalf of the United States. In this case, the United States has registered a total of 23 cases against the top executives.

It is noteworthy that the trade war has sparked between the US and China for a long time, in which such a dispute can once again increase the scope between the two countries. A total of 13 charges have been filed on Huawei from the United States.

The United States has alleged that the Chinese company is continuously violating Iran sanctions. However, no official answer has been given on these allegations by Huawei. However, the pressure on the company after these allegations from the US is of course. In the case registered on the company, it has been stated that Huawei has copied T-Mobile to some development software, Troubleshoot.

Let me tell you that the Chief of the Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou also hangs the sword in this case. Meng is the daughter of the company’s founder Ren Zhengfai. Meng was arrested last month in Canada on charges of not abolishing the restrictions imposed on Iran, although he was granted bail. On Tuesday itself, his muscle will be in the Supreme Court.

It is being told that they are being monitored for 24 hours. The issue of Huawei’s debate is that the relations between China, US and Canada are on the boom at this time. According to local media reports, Meng was arrested in Canada only after the US said

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